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The Adam von Trott, Imshausen e.V. Foundation was established in 1986 in memory of the resistance fighter Adam von Trott zu Solz. It offers a place for dialog and reflection and pursues the goal of preserving and developing the historically significant town of Imshausen, located in the middle of Germany, as a center for encounters between people of different origins and backgrounds.

Imshausen is a place of learning that encourages political responsibility, civic engagement and civil courage. Our themes are the strengthening of democracy, the commitment to a peaceful, united, democratic Europe and the memory of the resistance against National Socialism in connection with the consequences of historical events for our present.

Since 2017, Imshausen has been associated with the Georg August University in Göttingen in a cooperation funded by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media. Since then, numerous event and workshop formats have been held for different target groups.

The foundation has a long-standing partnership with the Adam-von-Trott School in Sontra.

Our association thrives on the commitment of many volunteers. Our seven-member Board of Directors works on a voluntary basis, as do our twelve Advisory Board members. The board is the decision-making body. The advisory board advises on content-related issues and is in charge of planning our events, in particular the monthly "Imshäuser Gespräche".


Democracy cannot be taken for granted

Democracy cannot be taken for granted. Today, we are increasingly experiencing anti-democratic and right-wing populist tendencies, the turning away from Europe, right-wing extremist attacks on people of Jewish faith, other appearances and other political convictions, as well as attacks on journalists and representatives of political parties. The democratic and liberal system in Germany and worldwide is coming under increasing pressure. Something must be done to counter these trends. Liberal-democratic values and an open society must be defended and constantly re-established. Our foundation's work is therefore guided by the question: How does one become a democrat?

The example of Adam von Trott (1909-1944), who was socialized during the turbulent years of the Weimar Republic and stood up for democratic principles and the rule of law under the Nazi dictatorship, provides an answer to this question. Adam von Trott's focus on a united and peaceful Europe beyond nation states, while at the same time maintaining ties to his homeland, and his advocacy of negotiating different interests and points of view are trend-setting and guide the Foundation in its commitment to strengthening our democracy.


Democracy thrives on the commitment of many

The Adam von Trott Foundation is building a center for democracy. The focus is on the individual: how do people develop into resistant democrats who stand up for their values, even when these are called into question? How can people be encouraged to show civil courage and take responsibility when the basic rights of individuals or groups are violated?

We want to explore these questions - not least with reference to Adam von Trott. The results will be communicated to various target groups in the form of lively events such as workshops, seminars, conferences and discussion evenings. Because if we know how people become democrats, we can make a contribution to the preservation and development of a living democracy, especially in times of major global challenges, with a critical civil society and the rule of law at its heart.

Newsletter & blog


Those who trusted the announcement were not disappointed: the spring concert in the packed White Hall of the Adam von Trott Foundation did indeed…

Together with the Bishop of Fulda, Dr. Michael Gerber, Eva-Maria McCormack discussed the question of how democracy and liberal values can be defended…


Executive Board and Advisory Board

The Adam von Trott Foundation, Imshausen e.V. is managed by an honorary board of directors. The advisory board is responsible for advising on the thematic focus of the foundation's work and planning the monthly Imshausen Talks.

Board of Directors

Former Bishop Prof. Dr. Jochen Cornelius-Bundschuh, Kassel (Chairman)

Dorothee Engelhard, Berlin (Deputy Chairperson) Dr. Clemens von Trott zu Solz, Nentershausen-Süß (Deputy Chairperson) Albert Frederick Freiherr von Dörnberg, Bad Hersfeld (Chief Financial Officer) Holk Freytag, Bad Hersfeld (Assessor) Eva-Maria McCormack, Berlin (Assessor) Dean Dr. Frank Hofmann, Bad Hersfeld (seconded from the Kurhessen-Waldeck regional church) District Administrator Torsten Warnecke, Bad Hersfeld (Assessor)

Advisory Board

Dr. Eva-Clarita Pettai, Flensburg (Chairwoman)

Curt Stauss, Halle/Saale Dr. Frauke Geyken, Göttingen Ludger Arnold, Weißenborn Dr. Mark Christian von Busse, Kassel Elena Şahin, Halle/Saale Luise Gräfin zu Lynar, Göttingen Prof. Dr. Urs Müller-Plantenberg, Berlin Prof. Dr. Monika Oberle, Göttingen Dr. Elisabeth Raiser, Berlin Sarah Reinke, Bad Hersfeld Michael Roth MdB, Bad Hersfeld/Berlin

Adam von Trott Foundation, Imshausen e.V.

Our team in Imshausen

Our office in the manor house in Imshausen is staffed by Malina Emmerink as Managing Director, education officer Magnus Hose, who coordinates the work with pupils, Scheerin Alou as coordinator and specialist for the Partnership for Democracy and Birgit Redlich as educational project coordinator for the gemEINSAM gegen RECHTS innovation project.

Mr. Carsten Reimuth has taken over the management of the Adam von Trott Foundation. He is the contact person for all questions relating to bookings for our houses, event planning and procedures for stays in Imshausen. A team of four women keeps the houses clean and attractive.

We are still looking for reinforcements for our team. Applications for a voluntary social year, an internship or a federal voluntary service are therefore very welcome!

Carsten Reimuth Operations Manager carsten.reimuth[at] Phone: 06622 91 69 847

Magnus Hose Project employee and education officer magnus.hose[at] Phone: 06622 91 69 848

Scheerin Alou Project Manager "Partnership for Democracy" scheerin.alou[at]

Phone: 06622 91 69 850

Birgit Redlich educational project coordinator. Innovation project TOGETHER against LAWbirgit.redlich[at] Phone: 06622 9150 755

You can reach us by phone daily from 9 am to 4 pm . If we are not available, please send us an e-mail.

Job advertisements

The Adam von Trott Foundation, Imshausen e.V. is looking to strengthen its conference operations with immediate effect.

a cleaning and service employee (m/f/d) (from 20 hours per week or 520,00 € basis)

Click here to download the complete job advertisement (.PDF)



You can support us in a variety of ways, both with individual contributions and regular ones, for example as a member of our association. Our association currently has around 170 members. New members are very welcome. We have provided an application form and our statutes for you to read.

Of course, you can also support us with donations and contributions outside of membership in our association. By doing so, you are also actively helping to support the important work in Imshausen. It is not the amount of a donation that counts for us - even small donations of money or goods are very helpful to us.

The Adam von Trott, Imshausen e.V. Foundation and the Imshausen Foundation are recognized as non-profit organizations and are exempt from corporation tax in accordance with Section 5 (1) No. 9 of the German Corporation Tax Act and from trade tax in accordance with Section 3 No. 6 of the German Trade Tax Act. Donation receipts issued by us are therefore tax deductible.

In addition, we have a request for you that does not cost any money: If you have gotten to know us and you like our work and the idea behind Imshausen, tell your personal circle about us!

Thank you very much for your support!


Our bank details

Evangelische Bank e.G. IBAN: DE84 5206 0410 0000 6177 41 BIC: GENODEF1EK1

You can also donate to us online.

Sparkasse Hersfeld-Rotenburg IBAN: DE82 5325 0000 0050 0624 69 BIC: HELADEF1HER

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