Ein Ort der Wissen schafft

The Imshausen place of learning and remembrance not only offers a place of exchange in the form of workshops and seminars, but is also a place of knowledge. Our library can now also be accessed via the Hersfeld-Rotenburg Media Center.

As usual, you can search for titles, subject areas and keywords on the media center's website using WebOPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).


Thanks to the support of the Hersfeld-Rotenburg Media Center, the extracurricular learning location in Imshausen can now also be a place of science. From now on, interested people, pupils and students can read and work in our reference library. Unfortunately, it is not possible to borrow books.

To use our library, please first view our holdings on the media center's homepage and make a preselection. Please send this to us, together with your planned visit to Imshausen, as a request to We will then get back to you with more detailed information. Depending on local capacity, you can use the rooms of the west wing or the manor house for your further literature research. In summer you are welcome to use the park for this purpose.

Division of the library

The library is located in the west wing - in the red, blue and green rooms and is divided into the following sections:

1.1 Biography

1.2 Family and friends

1.3 Foundation

2.1 Resistance in general

2.2 Kreisau Circle

2.3 July 20, 1944

2.4 Women, youth

2.5 White Rose, Red Chapel

2.6 Bonhoeffer

2.7 SPD and Communists

2.8 International resistance

2.9 Diverse resistance

3.1 History

3.2 Judaism and NS

4.1 History in general

4.2 Empire and Weimar Republic

4.3 Contemporary representations

5.1 NS in general

5.2 NS everyday life youth school

5.3 NS Hitler

5.4 NS perpetrators and justice

5.5 NS biography, fiction

5.6 NS Holocaust, persecution

5.7 NS science, economy, medicine

5.8 NS art, culture, literature

5.9 NS churches, theology

5.10 NS War

5.11 Nazi end of the war and post-war period

5.12 NS Legal reappraisal

5.13 NS Reappraisal Remembrance

6.1 German division

6.2 Cold War and Europe

7.1 BRD history

7.2 BRD politics - system, theory, criticism

7.3 FRG parties and associations

7.4 BRD Society and Church

7.5 BRD Biographies and fiction

8.1 GDR in general and history

8.2 GDR church

8.3 GDR politics, party, society

8.4 GDR resistance and opposition

8.5 GDR state security 8.6 GDR reunification and reappraisal 8.7 GDR biographies and fiction

8.6 GDR reunification and reappraisal

8.7 GDR biographies and fiction

9.1 Judaism and anti-Semitism

9.2 Ecumenism

9.3 Religion, state and society

9.4 Islam and religious exchange

9.5 Science and ethics

9.6 Community

10.1 Human rights and migration

10.2 Extremism and civil courage

10.3 Constitution and social structures

10.4 Globalization and prosperity

10.5 From around the world

10.6 Art, poetry, general fiction

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